Nihad Trading

About Us

Our Story


We are representatives of manufacturers for all types of non-foodstuff commodities.


Established in 1977 in Amman, Jordan, we are considered one of the oldest distributors in the Middle East and cover the majority of Middle Eastern markets.


In 45 years of experience, we acquired an exceptional customer and supplier base, leading us to become pioneers in the field. We have established solid credibility and developed a sound reputation in the market.


As a family-owned business, we provide both professional spirit and long lasting partnerships with our suppliers.

Why Us


We supply our clients’ with quality goods that meets their expectations through our strong and flourishing cooperation with the world’s best manufacturers and suppliers.


We guarantee solid trade principles and market knowledge, along with strong relationships and connections, enabling us to provide unparalleled services.


Because each information has a price, we keep all of our partners and customers data private


We negotiate and maintain all business dealings, from registration to negotiations and contracts closure until the final product is delivered to our partners in success.


We keep everything clear and explained in all of our deal with our partners